Trading binary options without risk

Trading binary options without risk

Trading binary options without risk is actually possible. With a little knowledge, you can create a system that guarantees you to make money. To accomplish this goal, the main tool you need is a binary options demo account. In this article, Trading binary options without risk, you will learn:

  • How the right system can help you trade binary options without risk,
  • How to develop this system by using a demo account,
  • How to get a demo account for free.

With this knowledge, you will be able to trade binary options risk-free and become financially independent.

Trading binary options without risk

How a trading system works

To understand how a trading system works, think of a coin flip. Your odds of winning are 50 percent, and you get twice your investment back if you win. If your system is random betting, you will make a profit of 0.5 x 2 = 1. In other words, if you trade this system for a while, you will have 1 time your original investment.

If you had some way of increasing your payout or your winning chances, you could make more money. With a rigged coin, for example, you might be able to win 70 percent of your trades. In this case, you could expect to win 0.7 x 2 = 1.4. You would know that this system will make you money – it would be risk-free.

A good binary options trading system works in exactly the same way. It defines your trading style just as exactly as in the example above, which makes your trading predictable, allowing you to know which percentage of your trades you will win and which average payout you get.

With this knowledge, you can calculate if your current system can make you money. If you get an average payout of 75 percent (which would be a total return of 1.75 times your investment) and win 65 percent of your trades, your winning expectancy would be: 0.65 x 1.75 = 1.1375.

Since this value is larger than 1, you know that this trading system will make you money. If the value is smaller than 1, you would lose money and should continue to work at your system.

How to develop a trading system using a demo account

Once you have a trading system that guarantees you make money, you are set for life. Getting there is the hard part.

As you can imagine, you will have to try a few different strategies before you finally find a system that works for you. Unfortunately, no system works for everyone. Every trader is different, and a system that works for one trader might be too risky for some traders and bore other traders to death.

With a demo account, you can try as many systems as you like in a risk-free environment. Allowing you to trade with play money instead of real money but providing you with all the feature of a regular trading account, a binary options demo is the perfect tool for you to get to know binary options and find a trading style that works for you.

Use your demo until you have found a system that allows you to predict your results as exactly as in the example above. Once you have, you are ready to switch to real-money trading – you now know that you will make a profit.

How to find a free demo account

There are plenty of demos in the market. Just like banks, some binary options brokers offer you better conditions than others. To help you find the best demo for you, we have created a list of the best binary options demos in the market. All of the brokers on our list are 100 percent trustworthy and offer free, high-quality demos that put you in the perfect position to develop your trading system.

We suggest, you try your demo now – it’s completely free, and you can only win.