How to start trading binary options?

How to start trading binary options?

Do you ask yourself,  How to start trading binary options? It’s probably easier than you think! Here’s your guide to success. The process we lay out in this chapter is entirely:

  • Risk-free: With these steps, you can start trading without risking a single Cent. By the time you invest real money, you will know that you are good enough to make money.
  • Easy: Everyone can go through this process. You will learn whether you have what it takes to be a binary options broker, and if you find that binary options are not for you, you can exit them before you have lost anything.

You could not ask for a better entry into the binary options world than with our guide How to start trading binary options?

How to start trading binary options? The guide

To start trading binary options, follow these simple steps:

1. Test yourself with a demo account

As with any financial investment, binary options include risk. You might get rich, but you also could lose money. Which will happen to you largely depends on your personality and your talent. You probably know some people who made good with money by trading conventional assets such as stocks and you probably also know some people who lost money – binary options are exactly the same.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing whether you have what it takes to become a successful binary options trader without trying the actual thing. Luckily, there is one tool that allows you to take your first steps without having to invest real money. This tool is a demo account.

A demo account allows you to trade with play money instead of real money, enabling you to test whether you have what it takes to make money with binary options risk-free.

To start trading binary options, get a demo account first. In our top list of the best demo accounts, we have tested all demo account and listed only those that fulfill the highest criteria. All demos on our list are free, high-quality, and completely safe. You can safely pick any demo on our list.

Click a demo that sounds good to you, follow our link, and fill out the broker’s sign-up form. You then have an account and can start trading.

2. Pick your broker

If your test showed you that you have a talent for trading binary options, you should take advantage of this easy way to make money and pick a broker to start your career with. You now have already experienced one broker and might want to stay with this broker. If so, you are ready to go. Deposit some money into your account and start applying what you have learned with your demo to your real-money trading.

If you would like to try a few more brokers before you decide which one to use long-term, go back to our top list of the best binary options demos. These demos provide you with the perfect opportunity to test more brokers and find the ideal fit for you.

Try more demos until you have found your ideal broker.

3. Get started trading with real money

Once you have found your ideal broker, it is time for you to start trading with real money. Deposit as much money into your account as you plan to invest, and start trading the strategy you have created for you.

Most importantly, set up a daily trading schedule that helps you fit your trading into your other commitments. This schedule is crucial because it enables you to free your time and trade peacefully, avoiding hectic decisions and mistakes.


To get a successful start to your binary options career, get a demo and try whether you have what it takes to make money by trading. If so, find the right broker for you and start investing big – you already know that you can do it.