Free options trading

Free options trading

Understandably, newcomers to binary options are reluctant to invest money into a form of investment that they have not yet tested. Luckily, there is an easy way for these newcomers to test binary options for free. With a demo account, you can get a glimpse of free options trading.

A demo allows you to test binary options trading completely risk-free. Instead of investing real money, you can use play money to take your first steps in the binary options world, define your trading strategy, and find out whether you have what it takes to become a professional binary options trader yourself. A binary options demo can be an important step on your way to financial independence.

Free options trading: How can I trade binary options for free?

The best and easiest way to try binary options for free is the IQ Option demo. The IQ Option demo has a number of distinct advantages that make trying binary options for free easy. These advantages are:

1. Deposit-free demo

IQ Option is one of the very few brokers that allows you to use their demo without having to make a deposit. You can get their demo as a stand-alone account for free. In contrast to most other binary options brokers, who only offer their demos as features of their regular accounts, requiring to deposit at least $250 to get a regular account, the IQ Option demo is much easier to get for newcomers.

2. Easy sign-up

IQ Option makes getting your demo easy. You can simply sign up with your email or your Facebook or Google account, and start trading. Compared to other brokers, who often require you to send in copies of documents such as your passport and a proof of residency, the IQ Option sign-up process could not be easier and more customer friendly.

3. Trustworthy broker

IQ Option offers all the signs of a trustworthy broker that makes them the ideal partner for new brokers. IQ Options is:

Government regulated:
With several government agencies constantly monitoring every aspect of IQ Option’s service, for example the Cyprian Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC), you can be completely sure that you are signing up with a trustworthy broker.

While you demo is risk-free, choosing a trustworthy broker now is important. If you find that you are a talented trader, you will be happy to have a trustworthy broker at you side that you can stay with for your real money trading.

High-profile partner
IQ option partners with several high-profile racing teams, for example from the Formula racing series. Each of these teams employs lawyers that check new partners before the teams sign a contract with them – no sports team wants to be affiliated with illegal or untrustworthy clients.

The fact that IQ Option has passed all of these checks and that these partners signed up with IQ Option is a sure indication that even the best lawyers consider IQ Option a legitimate business. That means you can trust them, too.

How can I find the best free binary options demo?

To help you find the best free binary options trading demo, we have tested all binary options demo for you. You can find the best of them in our top list. All of the brokers in our top list are 100% free and trustworthy.

If you prefer the easy approach, we recommend you directly try IQ Options. It’s completely risk-free and you can only win.