Binary options demo accounts Canada

Binary options demo accounts Canada

Canadian binary options traders are in a unique position. No broker offers a large enough number of Canadian stocks and indices to build a strategy for them, but Canada is close to the United States, where many of the stocks and assets come from that are traded with binary options. To get the perfect Binary options demo accounts Canada, you need a demo that helps you make the most of this unique situation.

In detail, this means:

  • You need a demo that provides enough American stocks and indices for you to trade at a convenient time of the day.
  • You need a demo that provides enough currency pairs including the Canadian Dollar for you to trade changes in your home currency.
  • You need a demo with a broker that offers a great service to Canadian traders, including secure banking, a secure platform, and an overall trustworthy business. If you like your demo and decide to trade for real money, you will already have found the right broker.

In this article, you will learn which demos fulfill these criteria.

Binary options demo accounts Canada: What Canadian traders need to know

To find the perfect demo for Canadian traders, let’s work through the requirements we established one by one.

Which demo offers the ideal assets for Canadian traders?

When it comes to a demo that offers great assets, the best choice is always Banc De Binary. With more than 180 assets, Banc De Binary offers both assets from all over the world and an in-depth selection of assets from every market.

Banc De Binary offers the ideal selection of assets for Canadian traders:

  • Many currency pairs involving the Canadian Dollar: Banc De Binary offers both big currency pairs involving the Canadian Dollar, for example the USD/CAD pair, the GBP/CAD pair, and the EUR/CAD pair and smaller currency pairs including the Canadian Dollar, for example the AUD/CAD pair and the CAD/JPY pair. With this wide selection, every Canadian trader can take advantage of all the developments involving the currency they know best.
  • An in-depth selection of American stocks and indices: Banc De Binary offers all the important American stocks Canadian traders would want to trade. Regardless of which industry you want to invest in and which development you want to trade, with assets from Amazon, Facebook, and Google to Caterpillar, Netflix, and Starbucks, Banc De Binary allows you to take advantage of all the things you know.
  • First-class selection of worldwide stocks and indices: If you want to trade during the morning or the evening when the American stock exchanges are closed, Banc De Binary has you covered. Offering a large selection of stocks and indices from all over the world, traders of these assets can always find the right asset to invest in.

Is Banc De Binary a broker you would want to start a trading career with?

Now that we have determined that the Banc De Binary demo offers the assets that Canadian traders need, we have to answer the question whether Banc De Binary is a trustworthy broker you could start a successful career with once you are finished with your demo.

The short answer to this question is: yes. Founded in 2008 as one of the first binary options brokers and having customers in more than 100 countries, Banc De Binary is the Mercedes of binary options trading.

Banc De Binary combines a number of positive features that make it a 100 percent trustworthy broker:

  • Government regulation: The Cyprian Security and Exchange Commission (CySec) monitors every aspect of Banc De Binary’s business based on regulation passed by the European Union. This control guarantees that Banc De Binary will never offer you an illegitimate service – your money is safe with the broker, and you can grow it in a fair trading environment.
  • Secure trading platform: Banc De Binary encodes every transmission between you and the broker with the SLS encryption protocol, the safest protocol the web has to offer. The big banks use the same protocol for their online banking – because it is almost unhackable.
  • Secure banking: Banc De Binary makes sure that your money is 100 percent safe with them. Anybody who wants to withdraw money from your account by using a credit card or bank account you have not used before must provide a picture of your ID and a proof of residence. Since only you have these documents, only you can withdraw your money, providing you with the peace of mind that your money is completely safe.

In addition to these security features, Banc De Binary offers a large selection of binary options types with high payouts that make earning money by trading easy.


The best binary options demo account for Canadian traders is Banc De Binary. Offering the perfect selection of assets for you to trade and an overall trustworthy service, the Banc De Binary demo is ideal for Canadian traders who want to make money by trading a first-class selection of assets.

If you want to try the Banc De Binary demo, click the link we provided for you. Open a regular account and deposit $250 to activate it. Now, contact customer support and ask them to set up your demo. Once you are done with your demo, you can withdraw the $250 you deposited – Banc De Binary’s demo is completely risk-free.