Binary options demo account Android

Binary options demo account Android

A binary options demo account Android allows you to test binary options risk-free and from anywhere – an ideal combination. In this article, you can learn which brokers offer the best demo accounts for Android users.

All demo account in this article are:

  • 100% free,
  • With legitimate, trustworthy broker,
  • With brokers that offer the high payouts you need to trade successfully.

Which brokers offer a binary options demo account Android?

Most brokers offer Android apps. For some brokers, however, these apps only work with regular accounts, forcing traders with a demo account to use the broker’s online trading platform. For some traders, this might complicate unnecessarily, for example if those traders want to trade on the go, while they are on the train, or while they are waiting in line. Having to log in to an online trading platform greatly reduces your mobility.

Luckily, there are some brokers that make trading on the go easy. These brokers allow you to trade your demo account with their apps, putting you in the perfect position to make money as long as you have a mobile internet connection, for example on your phone.

The binary options demo accounts we recommend for Android are:

1. IQ Option
You can get the IQ Option app from the Google Play Store. For most users, the app will be the first result if you search for binary options or IQ Options. Klick the app and install it on your phone.

To use the IQ Option demo, you need an account. To get one, click on the link that we have provided for you and register a free demo account with IQ Option. For your convenience, IQ Option even allows you to complete the registration with your Google or Facebook account. This way, you can complete the entire process within a minute.

IQ Option is such a great choice for Android users because it allows you to create a stand-alone demo account, enabling to start your binary options practice almost immediately, without any investment, and in the easiest way possible.

To get an IQ Option demo, click the link we provided for you.

2. Banc De Binary
Banc De Binary, one of the most respected binary options brokers, also offers an Android app. In contrast to IQ Option, however, the Banc De Binary demo is not a stand-alone account, it is a feature of their regular account model. This changes the demo’s entire nature.

To get the Banc De Binary demo, you have to open a regular trading account. Then, you get the demo as a feature to your account. With the app, you will have two accounts – a real trading account and a demo account.

This setup is ideal for traders who want to trade with real money and use their demo as a way to try fine-tune their strategy and try new trading styles. With Banc De Binary, these traders can quickly and conveniently jump between both styles while staying in the same trading environment.

To get a Banc De Binary Demo follow the link we provided for you.

3. 24option
Due to their partnerships with soccer giant Juventus Turin and Tennis Legend Boris Becker, 24option has become one of the best known binary options brokers. 24option offers an Android app and a feature demo similar to Banc De Binary.

You should choose 24option over Banc De Binary if you want to start with a smaller account balance. Banc De Binary provides their traders with $50,000 in play money, which might create an unrealistic trading environment for new traders that start their careers with significantly less. These traders can get a better feel for the environment they will encounter by using the 24option demo.

To get the 24option demo, click the link we have provided for you.


All of the brokers in this article, Binary options demo account Android, offer great Android demos. If you are unsure which demo is ideal for you, don’t sweat the details. You make a good decision with any of these demos, and they are all completely free. Pick the one you feel most comfortable with and take it from there – you can only win.