Best binary options trading platform for beginners

Best binary options trading platform for beginners

The best binary options trading platform for beginners is easy to find: It is IQ Option. Nowhere else can you get such an easy start.

IQ Option offers you:

  • An investment-free demo account. With the IQ Option demo, you can test binary options and your trading skills without a investing a single Cent.
  • An incredibly easy sign-up process. All you need to start trading is log in with your Facebook or Google account or your email.
  • A high-quality, high-potential trading platform: You can’t find a better environment to make money than with IQ Options.

In this article, Best binary options trading platform for beginners, you will learn why these features are such a great advantage and how you can use them to make money.

The best binary options trading platform for beginners: IQ Option

IQ Option is by far the best trading platform for beginners. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons for this statement:

1. IQ Option offers a deposit-free demo account

A demo account is a great tool to test binary options risk-free. Instead of trading with real money, a demo account allows you to trade with play money, which puts newcomers in the perfect position to try binary options risk-free.

Unfortunately, most brokers require you to make a deposit to get their demo. While these brokers offer their demos in themselves for free, they only offer demos to customers of their regular accounts, which mostly require a deposit of $250 or more. The demo is still free, and you can withdraw all your money once you are done with your demo, but you still need to deposit a lot of money with a broker you have never tested before.

Such a policy makes little sense. To find out whether you can trust a broker, you have to trust them with a lot of money. Who would do that?

Luckily, IQ Option offers you a better deal. The IQ Option demo is free and does not require a deposit. You can sign up, test the demo, and once you are done with it, you can simply forget about it.

This is the simple, low requirement type of demo that newcomers need. It allows you to evaluate whether you have what it takes to make money with binary options completely risk-free. If you find that you are the born binary options trader, great. If not, you have not lost anything. This deal is almost too good to refuse.

2. IQ Option offers an incredibly easy sign-up process

IQ Option offers you the easiest way to start a demo possible. All you need to do is follow the link we provided for you, choose the demo, and sign in with your Google or Facebook account or your email. That’s all there is to it. The entire process will take less than a minute.

With other demos, things are more complicated. Since others demos require a deposit, simply signing in with your social media account is not an option. There are more thorough rules once it comes to money. Consequently, you have to provide more personal data, go through a validation process, and contact customers support to get your demo. This process is far from impossible to manage, but as a new trader, there is really no need for the added hassle.

With binary options, you can try binary options in the same way you would try a mobile game. The only difference is that if you like the game and are good at it, you can simply play the game with real money, and the game will pay you, not the other way around. Isn’t that perfect?

3. IQ Option offers a high-quality, high-potential trading platform

Aside from providing an easily accessible trading platform, IQ Option also offers a high-quality service that puts new traders in the perfect position to make money and try all aspects of binary options.

IQ Options offers all of the best binary options, assets from all over the world, and the high payouts that allow you to trade profitable. With this service, every newcomer can find something they like.


IQ Option is one of the best brokers in the market. Combining easy accessibility with high quality, everybody could profit from testing IQ Option. It is completely risk-free, and they might find a way to financial independence.

If you want to try IQ Options now, follow the link we provided for you and sign-up for their great service.