Best binary options demo account

Best binary options demo account

If you want to try binary options, you might as well try them with the best binary options demo account available. These are the best accounts for risk-averse traders, thrill-seekers, and everything in between. Enjoy you’re the adventure!

The best binary options demo account for risk-averse traders: IQ Option

Your first rule of trading is, “Don’t lose money”, you want to play it safe, and you prefer peace of mind over high returns? Then the IQ Option demo is ideal for you.

To risk-averse traders, the IQ Option demo account stands out because of a number of reasons:

1. No deposit needed

The IQ Option demo account is one of the very few demo accounts in the market that works as a stand-alone demo account. That means that you can get the IQ Option demo without having to get any other account type from IQ Option in the process – the demo works on its down.

To get a demo account with most other brokers, you have to sign up for a regular account. Their demo accounts are features of their regular accounts, but they are unable to operate on their own. In the process of getting a real trading account, you also have to deposit money with these brokers.

While you can withdraw this money after you are done with your demo, enabling you to use these demo accounts for free, risk-averse traders will nonetheless frown at the requirement of having to deposit real money with a broker they have not yet tested.

IQ Option can help these traders. Because the IQ Option demo account is a stand-alone demo, you do not have to deposit any money to get the demo, making IQ Option one of the very few demo accounts you can investment free – the ideal set up for risk-averse traders.

2. Perfect amount of play money: $1,000

Testing the waters first, risk-averse traders will probably start their trading career with a small investment. To learn how to trade successfully with a limited amount of money, these traders need a demo account that simulates the trading conditions they will experience at the beginning of their trading career.

By providing demo account users with $1,000 in play money, IQ Option creates precisely the environment risk-averse traders would encounter at the beginning of their trading careers. Consequently, the IQ Option demo is perfect to learn how to make it through the early phase of your trading career, minimizing your risk of going broke early on.

3. Ideal trading conditions for risk-averse traders

Risk-averse traders will love the trading conditions IQ Option offers to them:

  • Minimum investment per trade only $1: Where other brokers often require you to invest $25 per trade or more, IQ Option allows you to make a trade for only $1. With an account balance of $1,000 for the demo account, you can make a trade for as little as 0.1% of your account balance – every risk-averse traders dream.
  • User-friendly interface: Risk-averse newcomers will enjoy IQ Option’s clear, easy-to-understand trading platform. You will immediately be able to trade error-free, reducing the risk of mistakes that could cost you money.
  • Regulated by the CYSEC: IQ Option is regulated by the Cyprian government’s Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), ensuring risk-averse traders that they are dealing with a trustworthy broker.
  • Strong focus on high / low options: High / low options are the safest binary options type, allowing you to win 60 percent to 70 percent of your trades, including significantly less risk than such option types as one touch options or ladder options. IQ Option mainly focuses on high / low options, offering more assets and more variations for this option type than most competitors.

4. Highly awarded broker and trading platform

Risk-averse traders will want to make sure that they are dealing with a trustworthy broker. In the entire binary options world, there are few brokers that can prove their trustworthiness more than IQ Option. Just take a look at the prices IQ Option has won in recent years:

  • Best Broker Binary Options trading applications – LAIR AWARDS
  • Most Innovative Binary Options Broker – SHOW FX WORLD
  • Most Reliable Binary Options Broker – MASTERFOREX-V
  • Best affiliate program in the industry – RACE AWARD
  • Best Trading Platform – FOREX AWARD

For risk-averse brokers, these prices will provide the peace of mind that they need when choosing a broker. While you will not be risking real money with your demo account, it makes sense to have your demo with a broker you can see yourself opening a real trading account with if you should have a talent for binary options trading. With more than 3 Million customers and over half a million trades per day, IQ Option is a partner every risk-averse trader can feel comfortable with.

The best binary options demo account for risk-seeking traders: Banc De Binary

Some traders are indifferent to the concerns of their risk-averse colleagues. These traders want to invest big, they want to feel the rush of trading binary options, and they want trading to be exciting. For those traders, too, there is a perfect binary options demo account: Banc De Binary.

The Banc De Binary demo account provides risk-seeking traders with a number of advantages:

1. More money makes testing risky strategies easier

Compared to other binary options demos, the Banc De Binary demo has one huge advantage: it offers you $50,000 in play money. Where most brokers restrict you to $1,000 or even less, significantly limiting your ability to invest big, Banc De Binary enables you to fully dive into the world of binary options, making big trades and trying an exciting trading style.

For risk-seeking traders, this type of demo will resemble the trading style they want to achieve much more closely than what other brokers offer you. Consequently, this is the account they should get.

With Banc De Binary, you can make the big investments you want right from the start. Do you want to make a living by trading binary options? Then you will have to learn how to be comfortable with regularly investing $500 or $1,000 in a single trade. Only the Banc De Binary demo account allows you to test whether you have what it takes for this type of trading.

2. The demo account is easily resettable

In contrast to IQ Option, Banc De Binary does not require you to sign up for a new demo account every time you have spent all your play money.

With IQ Option, the demo account is a stand-alone product. Once you have used it up, you need to get a new one, which means completing another registration. For risk-averse traders, this is hardly a problem. Being focused on security, their demo accounts will last them a long time.

Risk-seeking traders, however, will try much riskier strategies. These strategies can make more money, but also fail more easily. During the initial testing and learning phase, such failures will be unavoidable, making it necessary for risk-seeking traders to reset their demo account every once in a while.

Banc De Binary makes this process easy. Because their demo account is a feature of their regular account, you can contact customer service at any time, asking them to modify or reset your demo account according to your preference, creating a much better environment for testing risky strategies than with a stand-alone demo account as IQ Option offers it.

You want to go all-in on a trade? You want to try a higher investment per trade? You want to try a risky option type with a risky strategy? With Banc De Binary you can do all of these things without having to worry about losing all your money, gaining the freedom to make all the tests a demo account with less money would not allow you to make.

3. High payouts and bonuses

Your profits will be mostly determined by the payouts your broker offers you. The payout indicates which percentage of your investment you will win if the prediction you made with your binary option comes true. A payout of 75 percent, for example, would mean that if you win your option, you would get your investment back plus 75 percent extra.

Banc De Binary offers some of the highest payouts in the in the industry, making it the perfect broker to trade risky strategies. Simply put, if you get more money for winning trades, you can afford to win a lower percentage of trades, making Banc De Binary the ideal demo for risk-seeking traders.

Banc De Binary offers payouts of up to 91 percent and the highest average payouts in binary options. For traders who need risk to enjoy their trading, these high payouts are a gift of the gods, allowing them to make more money with risky trading strategies, enjoying the type of trading they want.

4. Strong focus on 60 second options

60 seconds options are the favorite binary options type of most risk-seeking binary options traders. Combining a short expiry of only 60 seconds with the basic principle of high / low options, 60 seconds options allow you to place more trades in a short amount of time than any other option type, equipping you with the highest earning potential of all binary options type.

Banc De Binary offers 60 seconds options for more assets than most other brokers. Allowing you to invest in stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities with 60 seconds options, Banc De Binary by far exceeds the offers of other binary options brokers that mostly limit you to currencies.

Additionally, Banc De Binary also allows you to trade 60 seconds options with an expiry of 90 seconds, 120 seconds, 180 seconds, and 300 seconds. By extending the principle of 60 seconds options to other ultra-short expiries, Banc De Binary allows risk-seeking traders to increase the number of trades they make over a given period of time, thereby increasing their potential returns.

Other great binary options demo accounts

Depending on your trading style you might want to try another binary options demo account. To help you find the right demo account amidst the hundreds of available options, we have tested the best demo accounts for you and have created a simple, comprehensible list of the best binary options demo accounts out there.

4,5 stars$250ReviewTRY NOW

You can confidently choose any demo account from this list. If you are still looking for the perfect demo account, we recommend you start at the top of the list and work your way through to the bottom. All demo accounts are free, which means that you have nothing to lose by trying them – you can only win, gaining experience and possibly finding the perfect broker for you.

The list includes both stand-alone demo accounts and demo accounts that are features of real trading accounts. In some cases, you, therefore, have to deposit money with a broker to get the demo account. You can, however, always withdraw the money after you no longer need the demo account, which means that all accounts in this list are free.


Depending on whether you are a risk-seeking trader or like to play it safe, Banc De Binary and IQ Option are the best binary options demo accounts available to you.

  • Risk-averse traders should opt for IQ Option where they find the ideal trading conditions to simulate a safe start to their binary options career.
  • Thrill seekers should choose Banc De Binary, where they get the high amount of money and the high payouts to trade exciting strategies.

If you have tried both demo accounts and want to continue testing binary options brokers, you can safely continue your self-education with any of the demo accounts from our list.


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