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STOP - Banc De Binary is closed!

Banc De Binary is no longer available. Banc De Binary is closed since January 9, 2017. Main reason was due to bad press coverage.

We recommend choosing one of our top rated binary options brokers instead:

  1. IQoption (Free $5.000 demo - no deposit required)

Are you looking for an exciting hobby that can make you rich? Binary options can be your door to a life in the fast lane. With a Banc De Binary demo, you can try binary options risk-free and find out whether you have what it takes to become a binary options trader.

The Banc De Binary demo is the Ferrari of binary option demos

Compared to other binary options demos, the Banc De Binary demo is a Ferrari amongst cheap second-hand cars. Where other demo accounts only allow you to invest $1,000 in play money or even less, Banc De Binary equips you with a whopping $50,000, allowing you to test every type of strategy you want, feeling your heart pound while making big investments and reaping huge payouts.

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This is what binary options trading should be like. If you wanted to keep things boring, you could trade conventional assets, right? More than any other binary options demo, the Banc De Binary demo allows you a glimpse of the exciting life that awaits you as a binary options trader.

Experiencing such a life is more than just a worthwhile thrill ride. If you consider trading binary options as a career, you will eventually need to invest big. After all, to sustain your current quality of life, you need a few thousands of Dollars each month.

With the Banc De Binary demo, you can get a glimpse of whether you have what it takes to succeed as a professional trader. You get a feeling for making big investments, living through the unique emotional experience of investing a lot of money.

With a demo account that only provides you with an account balance of $1,000, as most of Banc De Binary’s competitors offer it, you would never experience these unique emotional challenges, never knowing if you are prepared for a binary options trading career.

As a consequence, you might lose a lot of money once you move past the initial trading phase. As your account balance increases and you start to make bigger investments, you might find that you get nervous, that you feel uncomfortable with investing a lot of money in a trade, or that you hate losing trades, even if you make money by the end of the months.

To avoid such a disasters, we recommend you use the Banc De Binary demo to prepare yourself. There is no better demo account to get yourself ready for the big leagues. If you want to learn how to drive a Ferrari, practice on a Ferrari.

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How to get the Banc De Binary demo

Luckily, getting the Banc De Binary demo is easy for any trader. All you need to do is get a regular account with Banc De Binary, and you can request a demo account for free.

While getting the regular account requires you to deposit at least $250 with Banc De Binary, you do not have to use this money for trading. Use the demo, and once you are done with it, withdraw the money you have deposited. This way, using the Banc De Binary demo is completely free for you.

Here’s what you have to do as a step-by-step guide.

1. Register with Banc De Binary

Click here! It will take you to Banc De Binary’s sign-up form, where you can open your account by providing such basic information as you name, your email, and your currency. Submit the form and you have an account with Banc De Binary.

2. Fund your account

Now that you have an account, you need to activate it by putting, at least, $250 into it. Banc De Binary offers three deposit methods:

  • Wire transfer,
  • Credit card, and
  • Online payment provider.

All deposits are free, and deposits by credit card and only payment provider are booked to your account immediately.

Since you can only withdraw as much money by credit card as you deposited with the same credit card, we recommend depositing money by credit card to keep your options open. Credit cards are by far the best withdrawal method, combining quick processing with free withdrawals. Any deposits not made by credit card have to be withdrawn by wire transfer, which takes much longer to process and might involve a fee.

Since you plan to withdraw all of the money that you have deposited, you have to prepare for the eventual withdrawal using the easiest withdrawal method available.

3. Request your demo

Once you have your real trading account set up, you can request your demo account. Contact the Banc De Binary support, and they will walk you through the process. As soon as your demo account is ready, you can dive into the exciting world of binary options.

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Get your demo account with Banc De Binary now - Get started right!

How to use the Banc De Binary demo

When your Banc De Binary demo is ready for use, open the trading area. You will see these elements:

1. Menu to select assets

To the top left of the platform, there is a drop-down menu that allows you to select the asset you want to analyze. Banc De Binary offers assets in four categories:

  • Stocks,
  • Indices,
  • Currencies, and
  • Commodities.

Click the menu and choose the asset you want to trade.

2. Price chart

Below the menu to select your asset, in the main part of the window, you can see the price chart of the selected asset. Banc De Binary is one of the very few brokers that provides traders with high-powered price charts, for example allowing you to display prices as line charts and candlestick charts.

Evaluate the price diagram according to your strategy until you have found a profitable trading opportunity.

3. Investment tools

To the top of the price chart, you select the details of the binary option you want to invest in. Select how much you want to invest in this trade and when you want your option to expire.

Professional traders use a money management system to determine how much they invest in a single trade. If you do not have a money management system yet, do not worry. Since you are trading with play money, money management is still a minor concern. Focus on getting a feeling for binary options, and try to find out whether you can handle the excitement.

Once you have made your settings, click one of the buttons to the right of the price chart. With the green button, you invest in rising prices, with the red button, you invest in falling prices.

This simple 3-step process allows you to invest in your first binary option within minutes.


The Banc De Binary demo is the best way to try binary options risk-free. With $50,000 in play money and a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use trading platform, anyone can experience the rush of trading binary options. In the worst case, you have had some risk-free fun but find that binary options are not for you. In the best case, you find an exciting and profitable hobby that will make you financially independent. What are you waiting for?